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Stylash- my eyelash extension experience

Stylash Landmark Makati branch
Stylash Landmark Makati branch

Yesterday, 16th of October I went to Stylash Landmark Makati for my scheduled appointment. I received a text that they will have a 3 day 50% off for their superstar and full diva services about 3 days ago. I immediately jumped in to have myself scheduled since they don’t usually have this offer.

It is my third time to get my eyelash fix from Stylash. I tried another eyelash salon last time because of their posh interiors but did not like the service at all. I am still thinking of doing a review for that, should be in another post. 🙂

Where the magic begins- The clients and the attendants
Where the magic begins-
The clients and the attendants

Anyway, I think I got so used to Stylash that is why I did not like the other salon. Overall I was able to try only 3 eyelash salons. The first one was Lavish Lashes, then Stylash and the other one I won’t just mention on this blog. Now I cannot really compare Lavish Lashes to Stylash cause I honestly forgot the experience since it was years ago when I had my eyelashes done there. The only thing that I can remember is how it looked on me. I had pictures when I had the falsies on me and it was beautiful and eye catching.

This year though as I was buying some toiletries at the ground floor of Landmark I saw Stylash Salon. They don’t have a separate stall, their beds are just lined up near the elevator. They don’t even have a cover for customers and so I was thinking it can be a little awkward to have my eyelashes done there. I was hesitant until the day before my birthday which was February. I thought ok why don’t I try it?!

So I did. I fell in love. The eyelash extensions were great. Instant makeover! (Or not really?!) I like how the attendants are really courteous and taking their time in making sure that they put in the extensions meticulously neat. I am so lazy to put mascara and curl my lashes so I think getting eyelash extensions is the best decision. You can start posting your more beautiful #iwokeuplikethis selfies after!

Ate Ruby the one that did my eyelashes :)
Ate Ruby the one that did my eyelashes 🙂

At first you need to choose which service you want to avail. This time, I availed the superstar which is also under a promo. I had 10, 20C which was the same thing I had last time. C means it’s curly. Stylash uses mink eyelashes so they don’t feel like they are there at all. I honestly can’t feel that I have falsies right now which makes it amazing.

I think the only downside in having eyelash extensions would have been after the eyelashes were set. The glue that they use to put it stings that it can make your eyes irritated -really red and teary. Give it 10-15minutes and it should be okay. You must ensure not to get them wet for the next 12hours. If some fell off you can always have a retouch.

Oh red eyes!
Oh red eyes

For the past 2 times I had extensions it lasted around 2 to 3 months which is a pretty good deal. That is one of the many reasons why I do not think I will be trying another eyelash salon anytime soon.

I hope this review helps you! You still have until tomorrow October 18 to try their services at 50% off.

You may check the FB page Stylash Eyelash Salon to know more details!

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Stylash and this is not a sponsored post.